4th Annual
Future of Construction Summit

14-15 May, 2024 | Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

The annual gathering for the people and companies redefining Australasia’s construction industry


The Future of Construction Summit (FCON) is the construction industry’s premier national event focused on creating a more progressive, productive and sustainable construction industry.

Launched in 2021, FCON has been held in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2024 FCON moves to Brisbane which is undergoing a “once in a generation” infrastructure boom and where billions of dollars of major Infrastructure Projects are either underway or well into the planning stages.  

What better place to bring construction leaders together to discuss all the key issues.

FCON24 will feature:

  • 2 day conference featuring over 80 senior leaders from contractors, owners, financiers and tech companies
  • 600+ attendees
  • Exhibition with 60+ booths
  • High profile networking functions
  • Shark Tank (ConTech Pitching competition)
  • FCON Cocktail Reception & Gala Dinner

Summit will start in...


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The Program

FCON24 will bring together senior leaders to discuss the following topics:

Day 1

  • Construction market outlook

  • Forces of change – key trends shaping construction

  • Strategy & business model evolution: embracing new ways of doing business

  • Rethinking workforce strategies

  • Decarbonising construction

Day 2

  • Embracing Innovation: Combining digital and design with modern construction methods to improve efficiency

  • The connected construction site of the future

  • Emerging technologies for a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable construction sector

  • Prefabrication and modular construction

  • Green tech: Technologies for enhancing sustainability within construction
FCON24 Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Sally Stannard

Acting Director General, Department of Transport and Main Roads

Leah Kelly

Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Deputy Director-General

Priscilla Radice

Deputy Director-General, Health Capital Division, Queensland Health

Lidia Ribarovska

Head of Technology - Engagement, Multiplex

Debbie McNamara

General Manager, Economic Development Queensland

Graeme Newton

Chief Executive Officer, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Jason Spears

Chief Executive Officer, CPB Contractors

Scott Power

Chief Executive Officer, BMD Group

Heinrich Kukkuk

Executive General Manager - Information Technology, McConnell Dowell

Alison Mirams

Executive Chair, Roberts Co
Schedule Dates

Conference Schedule

Day 1 | Wednesday 3rd May, 2023


Registration & networking


WELCOME remarks

‘Welcome to Country’, by local tribal leader,
Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy, Australian Constructors Association


Annabel Crookes, Director – Legal, Laing O’Rourke, & President, Australian Constructors Association

Message from Gen Z

The construction industry is experiencing major headwinds that are expected to persist well into the future. With the industry already accounting for a quarter of all business insolvencies, it’s time to disrupt or die.


DISRUPT OR DIE: Why the construction industry must change

The construction industry is experiencing major headwinds that are expected to persist well into the future. With the industry already accounting for a quarter of all business insolvencies, it’s time to disrupt or die.

Jon Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Constructors Association

PANEL - DISRUPT OR DIE - INTERROGATED: Incremental change is not enough to keep the industry alive

The industry’s challenges are well known—so are the solutions. Positive steps forward are being taken every day but for this highly connected industry a collective and disruptive response is needed now.

Joe Barr, Chief Executive Officer, John Holland Group
Rebecca Hanley, Managing Director, Laing O’Rourke
Cressida Wall, Chief Executive Officer, Office of Projects Victoria
Jim Betts, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Zach Smith, National Secretary, CFMEU
Romilly Madew AO, Chief Executive Officer, Engineers Australia

PANEL - SILVER BULLET: Loading the productivity gun

Improving productivity performance is not a matter of choice. The industry is facing a critical workforce shortage of 105,000 workers within the next 12 months and with low unemployment there is no volume of migration or training that will solve this challenge.

The silver bullet is improved productivity—doing more with less. What are the top 5 things we can do now to kick start productivity growth?

Mark Mackay, Head of Infrastructure Projects, Downer
Rebecca Wark, Chief Executive, Health Infrastructure NSW
Mark Baker, CEO, BESIX Watpac
Rebecca Pickering, Interim CEO, Inland Rail
Steve Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, Seymour Whyte
Jayne Whitney, Chief Strategy Officer, John Holland

Extended morning coffee, exhibition and networking break

Short remarks: John Priestland, Founder, The C-Tech Club (UK)


PANEL - RISKY BUSINESS: Learning to trust again

One of the biggest barriers to change is the lack of trust that exists between all stakeholders in the industry. How do we learn to trust again so that we only need a 2-page contract to deliver a $1Bn project?

Jason Spears, Chief Executive Officer, CPB Contractors
Bede Noonan, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Acciona
Camilla Drover, Deputy Secretary, Infrastructure and Place, Transport for NSW
Kiri Parr, Director, Kiri Parr Consulting
Jacqui Doyle, Director, Helix Legal


In this session, Earlytrade shares their perspective on the global construction industry, including: 

  • Why the construction sector is poised for transformation
  • What has held the sector back from being disrupted so far
  • How will the industry benefit from autonomous and transparent supply chains


Earlytrade is the fastest growing technology company currently in the construction sector. Their clients have saved $40m using their technology platform whilst subcontractors have been paid $1.5 billion early. 

Guy Saxelby, CEO, Earlytrade

PANEL - INDUSTRY OF CHOICE: Building from a bedroom

What does a disrupted industry look like? How do we become a more flexible and attractive workplace? What skills will be needed? Can a site engineer work from home?

Pilar Gomez Fabra, Human Resources Director, Acciona
Peter Bennett, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Clough
Steve Collett, Executive General Manager People & Group Strategy, McConnell Dowell
Rebecca Casson, President, Incolink and, Chairperson, Victorian Government’s Building Industry Consultative Council
Sarah Marshall, Executive General Manager – People, Safety & Sustainability, Fulton Hogan

Lunch and exhibition networking break


PANEL - ZERO IN 10: How construction can become net zero in 10 years

Infrastructure influences 70% of Australia’s emissions and a collaborative and coordinated response is required now. Technology and innovation will have a key role to play in the transition, along with clear government policy that is supportive of sustainability considerations and forward-thinking planning. Time to take action and accelerate the decarbonisation of Australia’s infrastructure.

Brett Mason, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Built
Marco Assorati, Executive Director, Asia Pacific, Webuild
Alexis Davison, Director, Program Services & Engineering, Major Road Projects Victoria
Davina Rooney, CEO, Green Building Council of Australia
Marc Gillespie, Manager Sustainability & ESG, Cbus Property
Rob Bryant, Executive Vice President, APAC, InEight

Transformation & prosperity in the construction industry

The construction industry faces more problems than other industries: workforce shortages, supply chain delays, safety concerns; it’s not a short list. The tools needed to transform the industry and mitigate the growing challenges already exist today. See how technology can bring the productivity that’s needed for business to prosper, all while also delivering predictable outcomes and attracting a new generation to get excited about construction.

Sumit Oberoi, Industry Strategy Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS)

PANEL - BRING IN GEN Z: Gen Z’s advice for keeping the industry alive

The industry has no choice but to transform, if for no other reason than to maintain a workforce large enough to deliver the substantial pipeline of work it is being called on to deliver. Hear from up-and-coming leaders paving the way for a transformed industry.

Libby Paynter, Site Engineer, John Holland
Nicholas Dillon, Site Engineer, Seymour Whyte
Hayley Wheatley, Process Engineer, Clough
Oliver Sharpe, Graduate Engineer, Fulton Hogan
Kayla Chaoui, Civil Engineering Graduate, Laing O’Rourke
Taylor Gileno, Site Supervisor, Built
Cathy Hayes, Head of Client Strategy NSW & ACT, CPB Contractors

Afternoon coffee, exhibition and networking break



In this session we bring together delegates in a series of facilitated round table discussions. Leading industry experts will kick off discussions with a 5-minute TED talk on disruption around the key theme of their session, before opening it to a table wide interactive discussion.

Roundtable 1: How equipment hire can benefit the future of construction and reduce disruption?
A circular economy aims to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption while enabling economic growth. This concept is not new, and the equipment hire industry has been doing this for over 50 years. Hire can also assist the construction industry with their sustainability and net zero goals, as well as provide economic, environmental and safety benefits – which is why hire is the solution for the future of construction. 
Led by: James Oxenham, CEO, HRIA and George Whyte, Managing Director, Aggreko APAC and Dan Goodfellow, Group Manager – Products, Coates

Roundtable 2: Examining how to best modernise your construction business with Industrial and Connected Private Networks
In this session we discuss how Industrial Networks will transform and support construction as well as drive numerous Industry 4.0 initiatives.  Industrial Networks (including 5G) is key in unlocking the potential of smart construction and accelerating data-driven digital transformation. Discover how Industrial Networks can help by enabling a safer and more secure worksite, reduce risk and liability and optimise resources. 
Led by: Alan Seery, Managing Director, Aqura and Mitchell Gooden, General Manager, Aqura 

Roundtable 3: Improving engagement between Constructors and their subbies
Through an analysis of the subcontractor perspectives during procurement and based on our survey data, we discuss insights including anecdotal commentary from subbies that have had both positive and negative experiences with builders during the procurement process. We will deep dive into issues such as ‘why subbies are reluctant to price for you and others with the aim of facilitating an interactive discussion that helps both sides to understand each other better and work towards having more productive relationships.
Led by: Michael Ashcroft, Director, EstimateOne

Roundtable 4: Balancing growth, technology and staying true to your construction roots
Join Andrew Deveson, Co-Founder and Director of Kapitol Group, for a no BS conversation about going out on your own, staying ahead of the curve and running a construction company.  Hosted by CEO and Co-Founder of HammerTech, Ben Leach, this session aims to candidly discuss the challenges and reality of making it in construction no matter what business you are part of. 
Led by: Ben Leach
, CEO & Co-Founder, HammerTech and Andrew Deveson, Director, Kapitol Group

Roundtable 5: Change Management to prosper in the Construction Industry
Making the most of digital tools requires active acceptance and use by team members. Considering the perspectives of users when assessing potential technologies and articulating the benefits of transformation for all levels are critical to building enthusiasm for introducing new technologies. Importantly, businesses need to back this up with a solid change management strategy and plan. A well-developed change management program should skills development, transition support, clear communications of defined milestones and consistent tracking of success measures.
Led by: Sumit Oberoi
, Industry Strategy Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS)

Roundtable 6: How using practical digital processes can reduce costs and benefit  Contractors and Clients on major infrastructure projects
Current DE, BIM and EIR standards and mandates may not be as useful to contractors due to their complexity and limited applicability. To address this, a roundtable will present successful implementations of digital tools and technologies like IFC standards, drones, and planning algorithms that have led to increased productivity and cost savings for Australian Tier 1 Contractors. The discussion will explore the potential for these solutions to be adopted by the entire supply chain.
Led by: Pieter Rautenbach, Infrastructure & Construction Manager, Deswik

Roundtable 7: How will the Construction Industry attract and enable the future generation of white collar professionals?
The Australian Constructors Association believe the biggest opportunity to disrupt the industry and improve productivity lies in fundamentally by improving how projects are procured, delivered and governed—essentially white-collar activities. “White collar occupations account for the majority of the construction industry’s 105,000 skills shortage estimated by mid-2023,” Jon Davies, ACA. If there are no changes within AEC we will struggle to find skilled workers as no-one wants to work in an inefficient industry where it affects their quality of life. How can we improve our industry to attract new talent?
Led by: Swain Johnson, ANZ MTWO Construction Cloud Sales Director, SoftwareONE

Roundtable 8: A practical guide for moving towards a Circular Economy in the built environment
Transitioning to a Circular Economy is a crucial next step if we’re to create a sustainable future for our planet. As more of us learn about circularity – and what it means for the built environment – we have a chance to create change and cut through any confusion together. In this discussion we examine what needs to be done to transition the built environment as we head towards zero carbon across the built world.
Led by: Haneen Jaber, Sustainability and Social Impact Lead, Victoria,

Roundtable 9:  Disrupting culture
Everyone has a role to play in creating a new industry culture. But how do we establish a standard approach to improved practices for all industry stakeholders to meet? This roundtable will discuss the new construction industry Culture Standard including addressing the key areas of long working hours, lack of diversity and wellbeing.
Led by: Deb Cownley
, Group Manager, John Holland Way and Project Manager, Construction Industry Culture Taskforce

Roundtable 10: Growing an agile and skilled workforce for the future
This roundtable will discuss how to create an agile workforce and supportive environment for workers and employers to develop skills and processes to address future needs for the industry while retaining and strengthening a company’s culture and direction.
Led by: Zoe Heinrichs
, Manager Government Relations, Cbus Super Fund

Roundtable 11: Driving organisational accountability to increase EHSQ effectiveness 
Join Zac Stollznow, Construction Industry Lead from HSI Donesafe, as he guides discussion surrounding the “decision paralysis” facing modern construction organisations and the role that technology can play in having a unified view of your universe of EHS and ESG data. The discussion will also look at driving board-level visibility of EHS, ESG, compliance & risk state of play as well as accelerating the speed to decision with a unified view of workplace risk and compliance and strategically reducing technology siloes.
Led by: Zac Stollznow
, Senior Account Executive, Donesafe

Roundtable 12: Effectively dealing with disruption
In this discussion we look at what are the most important things to focus on and invest in to build organisational resilience. Whether it be your people or tech, managing the fundamentals can prepare you to navigate adversity. At a time of unprecedented disruption across the industry, we look at managing the fundamentals, your clients and stakeholders and what can improve relationships and build resilience in tough times.
Led by: Jillian Formentin
, Engineering Director, Clough

Roundtable 13: Examining construction contracting organisational dynamics
In this discussion we examine the potential strategies to minimise the industry’s inherent chaos to provide value to the project owner while making the construction contractor more resilient. The conversation will centre on best operational practices for contractors – main and sub. 
Led by: Matt Stevens
, Lecturer in Construction Management, University of Western Sydney

Roundtable 14: Disruption and change management best practice
This roundtable will discuss how to create an agile workforce and supportive environment for workers and employers to develop skills and processes to address future needs for the industry while retaining and strengthening a company’s culture and direction.
Led by: Mimi Lee
, Head of Transformation & Change Management ANZ, Cognizant


Networking drinks reception

Brought to you by Felix


Close of Summit Day 1


The 26th Annual Australian Construction Achievement Award

Hosted by the Australian Constructors Association and Engineers Australia

Day 2 | Thursday 4th May, 2023


Breakfast and networking

Enjoy a bacon and egg roll after a big night out at the Award and network with those you didn’t meet the night before.



Government, industry and unions all agree on the opportunity and, more importantly, the need for change. Incremental change and 10-year horizons are out. To keep the industry alive it must transform, and it must transform now.

Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy, Australian Constructors Association

PANEL - DISRUPTIONS: First day disruptions

Government, industry and unions all agree on the opportunity and, more importantly, the need for change. Incremental change and 10-year horizons are out. To keep the industry alive it must transform, and it must transform now.

Seved Robin, Chief Executive Officer, Bouygues Construction Australia
Meg Redwin, Executive Director, General Counsel – Global, Multiplex
Marion Terrill, Transport and Cities Program Director, Grattan Institute
Michael Degotardi, Chief Operating Officer, UGL Limited
Kevin Devlin, Director General, Major Transport Infrastructure Authority
Katie O’Malley, Group Corporate Affairs Manager, BESIX Watpac


Technology applied: A look at Australian projects

Australian projects adopting innovative solutions and investing in the knowledge they will be reimbursed and share in the upside of new processes.

Monica Fontaine, National Health Sector Lead – Southern Region, Built
Georgina North, Head of Technology and Innovation, Laing O’Rourke
Brett Lehmann, Head of Digital Engineering, Acciona
Luke Belfield, Victorian Chief Engineer, Office of Projects Victoria, Department of Treasury and Finance
Guy Saxelby, CEO, Earlytrade

Disruption with Connected Construction

  • Highly connectable platform
  • Cyber security (Customer example showcased)
  • Cool hardware Trimble offers – SPOT, Hololens
  • Emerging tech – the possibilities with Trimble Viewpoint
  • Evolution of the common data environment (access to data at any point in time?)
Chris Richardson, Senior Director, Industry Workflows, Civil Infrastructure Sector, Trimble

Morning coffee & exhibition break



Leading the charge: The latest trends in construction

A look at some of the top technology trends in the construction industry including Internet of Things, augmented reality, data analytics, robotics and more.

Ron Azzi, Group General Manager Technology, Engineering, Knowledge, John Holland
Lidia Ribarovska, Head of Technology - Engagement, Multiplex
Marc McCready, Chief Information Officer, BESIX Watpac
Catherine Caruana-McManus, Co-Founder & Director, Meshed IOT
Varhun Prasad, Director of Solutions Engineering ANZ, Cupix

All's fair in procurement and delivery: Towards a fairer future for the construction industry

There has been some positive change to prevailing procurement models for major energy and infrastructure projects in an attempt to redistribute risk allocation. At a time of unprecedented demand for infrastructure, these changes can’t come soon enough and more needs to be done, including to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself and that these gains are not eroded. In this session, we examine the current and emerging risks, how the industry has responded and, most importantly, the answers and tools available to contractors to ensure fairer sharing of risk and reward in delivering major projects.

Matthew Croagh, Partner, Head of Australia, Pinsent Masons
James Morgan-Payler, Partner, Head of Asia Pacific, Pinsent Masons


Again, we bring together delegates in a series of facilitated and engaging roundtable discussions. Leading industry experts will again kick off with a 5-minute TED talk on disruption around the key theme of their session, before opening it to a table wide interactive discussion.


Roundtable 1: How to develop and share innovation across your organisation?
In this discussion we examine how best to encourage, develop and then share innovation across the various construction projects within your organisation. The sharing of great ideas is often a challenge, but when performed well, can be immensely important. We look at what prevents the sharing of ideas and what can be done to better foster innovation integration across your organisation.
Led by: Claudelle Taylor, ICT General Manager, Innovation Integration, CIMIC

Roundtable 2: Fostering Employee Buy-In for New Construction Technology
Construction companies know that the industry’s future is digital, but there is a widespread struggle to create employee buy-in around technology solutions. Effective technology adoption begins well before purchase and is sustained by comprehensive support solutions and thoughtful implementation. In this session, we will discuss specific strategies to make buy-in easier.
Led by: Marko Tomic, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Assignar

Roundtable 3: Disruption is the new normal.  Resilience is the new need
With disruption becoming increasingly common in today’s construction industry, we’ll discuss what steps your business is taking to prioritise actions to enhance business value today and build strategic resilience for tomorrow.  You’ll also be able to score your business’s resilience and benchmark against others with the Payapps Resilience Index.
Led by: Brett Stephenson, Chief Revenue Officer, Payapps

Roundtable 4:  What Does Everyday Disruption Mean to You?
Developing technologies such as AI, digital twins, and autonomous vehicles are out of reach for many construction businesses. It’s often the everyday disruption that can dramatically improve quality, safety, and productivity. In this roundtable, we’ll discuss how design, engineering, and construction companies have approached digitalisation and share how companies of all sizes and budgets can get started today.
Led by: Shanoc Halliday, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, APAC, Bluebeam

Roundtable 5: Connected Construction
In this session, we examine what is Connected Construction by analysing connected platforms, connected workflows and connected data. Led by: Andrew Farley, AEC Software Manager, BuildingPoint Australia

Roundtable 6: Enhancing sustainability across the Built Environment
Sustainability is all about efficiency. It’s also about improving the bottom line of your projects, while simultaneously saving the planet. It is about doing more with less. During this discussion, participants will explore the environmental impact of the Built Environment and develop effective ways to reduce it.
Led by: Dorota Bacal, PhD, Sustainability & Innovation Lead,VinZero A2K Technologies and Michael Kain, Technical Consultant, VinZero A2K Technologies

Roundtable 7: Building Better Buildings
Today, many critical infrastructure and buildings are particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the prevalence of floods, cyclones, and bush fires in recent years and exacerbated by populations heavily concentrated in cities and regional centres. Innovative designs, low carbon emission and high performance materials, and new construction techniques are urgently needed for producing sustainable, resilient, smart and cost-effective structures. The session will discuss the key challenges, benefits and opportunities in using the Industry 4.0 technologies such as digital technologies and industrialised construction techniques for developing more resilient and sustainable buildings for the future.
Led by: Professor Tuan Ngo, Program Leader University of Melbourne, Building 4.0 CRC

Roundtable 8: Digital Engineering is transforming the construction industry
Digital engineering is transforming the construction industry by enabling the adoption of digital technologies to optimise project delivery and enhance project outcomes. This process involves utilising advanced tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), virtual and augmented reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create digital replicas of construction projects, simulate real-world scenarios, and analyse data to optimise performance. Join the conversation to discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting digital engineering in construction, including issues related to data management, interoperability, and standardisation.
Led by: Marcus Haynes, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy Acceleration, Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division, Hexagon

Roundtable 9: Examining the challenges of using Data within Construction
Collecting, analysing and drawing meaningful conclusions from your data is the key to its successful use onsite. However, its often easier said than in reality. In this session we look at some of the common challenges and the best practice solutions when it comes to effectively analysing data within construction. 
Led by: Gregory Koteras
, GM Applications and Emerging Technology, John Holland

Roundtable 10: Overcoming the common gaps in Construction Contracting software
There is a little-known problem with construction software; developers have not built all the modules that can assist leaders in making better decisions to therefore reduce risk. We will examine 10 practices that, if added, would help settle a chaotic business environment for the company owner including some common best practices.
Led by: Matt Stevens, Lecturer in Construction Management, University of Western Sydney

Roundtable 11: Disrupting the construction procurement model
Dominant procurement practices create significant waste and barriers to innovation. The highest-leverage opportunity for immediate productivity improvement is to reset the procurement paradigm. This requires a significant transformation in attitudes, culture, and commercial frameworks among all participants in capital projects. Let’s talk about how to get it done.
Led by: Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy, Australian Constructors Association 

Roundtable 12: Improving road safety around your site
In this session we will discuss how the construction industry can engage with the component parts of the Construction Truck and Community Safety project.  The initiative aims to keep vulnerable road users – pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists – safe during construction periods that generate high truck use. Come along to discuss how route selection, temporary traffic management, truck requirements and more can help keep the community safe during construction periods.
Led by: Phil Harbutt, Road Safety Victoria Community Safety Consultant, Road Safety Victoria, Department of Transport and Planning    


Lunch and exhibition networking break


Making the best procurement decisions in a tough labour market

  • Leveraging data in your decision making
  • Knowing your subbies
  • The less is more strategy
Melanie Bull, GM Builder Audience, EstimateOne

GREEN TECH: 6D Bim Driving Carbon Net Zero in Construction

In 2019, the CO2 emissions of the building and construction industry increased to their highest levels to date, representing 38% of global energy related CO2 emissions. As an industry we must take responsibility to reduce emissions and create a sustainable and net-zero future for everyone. In this session, we will discuss how 6D BIM Construction Platform – MTWO Construction Cloud can help construction companies achieve a sustainable future without compromising their productivity through:

• End-to-end project lifecycle management in one platform
• Carbon calculation, simulation and reduction with 6D BIM
• Carbon tracking and control with Data Analytics
• Material suppliers qualification to minimize embodied carbon
• Better decision making with connected and intelligent data

Dan Frawley, ANZ MTWO Construction Cloud Consulting Director, SoftwareONE

THE SHARK TANK: ConTech innovation showcase

Set to the theme of the Shark Tank, we hear from 5 leading ConTech start-ups who are each delivering solutions to meet the ever-evolving challenges of modern construction. With a panel of international ConTech VC firms, the sharks will question the founders who will share their insights into why they have developed their tech solutions and how they transform key aspects of the construction industry – before an ultimate winner is announced.

ConTech 1: Alastair Blenkin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ProcurePro

ConTech 2: Daniel O’Donoghue, Co-Founder & CEO, CONQA Construction Software

ConTech 3: Dev Amratia, CEO, nPlan

ConTech 4: Stuart Smith, Managing Director, WebFM

ConTech 5: Matt Perrott, Co-Founder & CEO, BuildPass

Rob Phillpot, Co-Founder, Acconex
Samantha Johnson, Executive General Manager HSEQ, McConnell Dowell
Georgina North, Head of Technology and Innovation, Laing O’Rourke


A look at technology trends accelerating the decarbonisation of Australia’s technology.

Jon Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Constructors Association

Close of Summit

Pre Summit Activity | Tuesday 2nd May, 2023


Masterclass: Disruption and Change Management

As per the theme of the Summit, disruption is a key challenge and opportunity for the industry and these who do not embrace it are at risk of disappearing altogether. Disruption appears in many ways from culture change, to supply chain delays and of course to innovation, technology and a new way of doing things.

This Masterclass will have 4 areas of focus which includes:

  1. Given the pace of disruption externally and internally within organisations, what is the role of change management to:
    • help you disrupt (new ways of working / reshaping your organisation), as well as
    • managing the disruption (managing change fatigue, reinforce new ways of working, overall change adoption)
  2. ROI on change
    • what is the ROI on change
    • how do you break the myth on change is “fluffy” or it’s just “training and comms”
    • how do you get support for change initiatives, and
    • how do you communicate that in tangible ways?
  3. Individual change vs organisation change
    • why the individual change process is an important factor to consider in shifting organisation and leadership beahviour
    • change management vs change leadership
    • How do embed change capability and agility into your organisation
  4. Showcase: Digital OCM platform, how our tool can support your organisation through the transformation journey.

This is an add-on activity that can be purchased for $495+gst

Led by:
Mimi Lee, Head of Transformation & Change Management, ANZ, Cognizant Consulting

Post Summit Activity | Friday 5th May, 2023


Yarra Valley Winery Tour & Lunch

Join us for an epic ½ day tour on the door steps of Victoria’s favourite getaway destination – The Yarra Valley.

Indulge yourself to tastings of decadent local wines, and a delicious main course lunch highlighting the region’s fresh produce and local specialties. What better way to finish off your Future of Construction Summit experience.

  • 9.00    Bus Departs Crown
  • 10.30  Winery Tour
  • 12.00  Networking Lunch
  • 14.00  Bus Departs Yarra Valley
  • 15.30  Bus drops off at Tullamarine Airport
  • 16.00  Bus Drops off at Crown 

This is an add-on activity that can be purchased for $195+gst

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  • Contactless
  • AR/VR

Architecture, design, planning & consulting

  • Design & build
  • Interior design
  • Reconfiguration
  • Fit out

Distributed workforce tools/technologies

  • Digital employee experience platforms
  • Collaboration & networking tools
  • File sharing tools
  • Messaging tools
  • CRM
  • Videoconferencing
  • Cybersecurity

Space & service providers

  • Landlords
  • Agencies/Brokers
  • Tenant reps
  • Consultants


The REwork APAC Summit is a Hybrid event. This format combines the traditional face-to-face conference with virtual elements, allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to access the same content and networking opportunities simultaneously.

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If you are based outside of Sydney and for whatever reason can’t make it to the event in-person, you can save on travel time and accommodation costs while still networking with global industry professionals.

Business matchmaking live

Take part in intelligently curated meetings with like-minded individuals that share similar interests and challenges from all over the world through our AI powered matchmaking delivered via our virtual platform.

Accessible from all your devices

Get insights and network at your fingertips – all content sessions and networking activities will be accessible from your laptop, tablets or mobile devices.

Engage, interact and influence

Make the most of your experience by being a truly active participant. Whether at the event or attending virtually, you’ll have the ability to ask questions, participate in polls, and share your experience with other attendees via break-out sessions.

Event Partner

Getting there

Get Directions to the Event

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