Michael Kain

Technical Consultant, VinZero A2K Technologies

Mike Kain is a Technical Consultant at VinZero A2K technologies with over twenty years of professional experience in the technology sector. He is a subject matter expert on the Autodesk Construction Cloud – the world’s leading construction platform and the only technology solution that works across design, pre-construction, construction, and the lifecycle of the asset.

In his current role, Mike works closely with customers in the construction and related industries who are looking to transition into digital workflows. He collaborates with both sales and technical teams at VinZero A2K Technologies to provide customers with all the necessary information for a smooth transition from traditional construction practices to full digitization. This journey results in a higher level of efficiency, improved visibility, and unmatched transparency throughout all phases of construction in complex infrastructure portfolios.

Mike’s expertise is built upon his passion for technology and his interest in the complexities of the construction industry. His qualifications include a Diploma in Systems Administration, CCNA, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and graduation from IBM’s Software University and Global Sales Schools.