Dorota Bacal

PhD, Sustainability & Innovation Lead, VinZero A2K Technologies

Dorota Bacal is a Sustainability and Innovation Lead at VinZero in the ANZ region. She holds a PhD in Renewable Energy from Monash University, a BEng and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Rzeszow and a PGCert in Sustainable Business Management from the University of Cambridge.

Dorota helps the AEC&M industries DESIGN and BUILD with sustainability in mind and SOLVE the net zero challenges that they face. She supports VinZero’s clients in growing their internal proficiency within sustainability space to meet expectations of the decarbonising market.

Dorota is a certified emissions accountant, with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Throughout her career, she supported numerous Australian and global large energy users and greenhouse gas emitters in designing their sustainability strategies and developing action plans to achieve net zero.